FutureMed 2017 Conference & Expo

Officially launched in November 2016, the inaugural Singapore Medical Week by SMA and FutureMed 2017 will take place in August 2017.

The three-day conference and expo aims to be the focal point for stakeholders in the Singapore healthcare industry, facilitating critical discussions on vital topics of current importance and forecasting future health trends, unique ideas and new innovations.

FutureMed 2017 will be a platform to showcase current developments in healthcare technology and explore the impact of future trends, such as big data. This event will enable both medical professionals and the public to keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations in healthcare. The theme focuses on current developments in healthcare technology and the future impact of trends such as the harnessing of big data.

This forthcoming conference and expo is organised by doctors for fellow doctors, healthcare professionals and the public. Aside from offering the latest technology and discussion opportunities for industry personnel, it will also feature talks that engage the public in a bid to improve medical literacy and encourage patients to take more ownership of their healthcare.

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